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Chief of Spine Surgery
Spine Fellowship Program Director
University of Illinois-Chicago
Department of Neurosurgery
Dr. Neckrysh
Dr. Sergey Neckrysh is the Chief of Spine Surgery at the University of Illinois-Chicago and Fellowship Program Director in Complex Spine Surgery. He is a board-certified Neurological Surgeon specializing in the treatment of the entire spectrum of spinal conditions. Dr. Neckrysh focuses his academic clinical practice on revision surgery and spine reconstruction for failed back syndrome, adult and pediatric scoliosis, primary and metastatic spinal tumors, as well as degenerative conditions and spinal trauma, including spine and spinal cord injury in the accidents. Dr. Neckrysh also performs minimally invasive and routine spine procedures in the outpatient setting with discharge home on the same day. Dr. Neckrysh has been in active neurosurgical practice since 2006.

Dr. Neckrysh graduated with highest honors from Moscow Sechenov Medical Academy - one of the oldest and the most prestigious medical schools in Europe established in 1758. Dr. Neckrysh also did a part of his medical school curriculum at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City.  This was followed by residency in neurological surgery at the University of Illinois in Chicago, which Dr. Neckrysh graduated in 2006 to become the Chief of the Section of Neurological Surgery at Syracuse VAMC and Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery at SUNY Upstate Medical University. Following a 4-year tenure in Syracuse, Dr. Neckrysh was recruited back to the Alma Mater, University of Illinois Department of Neurosurgery to become the Chief of the Spine Surgery and Fellowship Program Director in Complex Spine Surgery, the positions he holds to this day.

Dr. Neckrysh’s participation in cases is unbiased, with a strong belief that the role of the physician is to be a third-party educator for the medico-legal system without “taking sides”. This ensures the best outcome of the case, and maintains the reputation of the attorney who is retaining him as an expert. By maintaining an honest and objective stance in each case, Dr. Neckrysh can be relied upon for a reputable perspective.
He will provide you with expert testimony, which can assist your firm in its decision of whether or not you bring a case to trial.

  • Integrity beyond reproach

  • Approachable and Reliable

  • Punctual and meticulous review of medical records,

  • Meeting expressed timelines with quick and efficient turnaround, while maintaining the quality of service

  • Consistent, detailed, and transparent billing

  • A non-biased expert opinion

  • Academic background and Board Certification in Neurological Surgery, providing additional merit as an expert witness

  • Medico-legal assessment and education, helping attorneys to structure the best legal strategy and formulating the right questions during the depositions and trials

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treat each type of spinal injury
Dr. Neckrysh has the unique ability to treat each type of spinal injury.
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